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From Lee Grady / Special End-Of-Year Report

Dear Friends of the Mordecai Project:

At the end of every year I love to review all my photos from the year and savor the memories. I am sure you do this as well. There were some sad moments in 2018—especially my dad’s death in January and the hurricane that displaced my wife’s parents in October. Thankfully the Lord has been comforting my mother and we moved her to a new place in June. And the electricity and water are back on in Panama City, and my in-laws have recovered!

Meanwhile I saw some wonderful breakthroughs in 2018. It is hard to rank those moments, but I will list below a few of the most meaningful highlights:
#1: We brought the healing of Jesus to Israel! It is hard to describe what it is like to walk on the shores of the Sea of Galilee or to visit the well where Jesus talked with the Samaritan woman. Deborah and I had a glorious time in November with an amazing ministry team, and we led two retreats there (below). God moved powerfully and lives were changed forever. We are now discussing the possibility of doing a “Women of the Bible” conference and tour in 2020!

#2: We advanced into new territory. At the beginning of 2018 the Lord took me to the book of Joshua and told me that this would be a year of advancement. I realized later that I went into four new countries this year: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Israel and Tanzania. Our borders are expanding! The impact of these visits is still being felt today. We also launched a new project in Pakistan with a young man I am discipling there. We also launched our first men’s Bold Venture in Canada!

#3: Not one but two Bold Venture events in Colombia! This year I went to Barranquilla twice, once to do a men’s retreat and again to do a women’s retreat. In both events we had strong attendance and the Lord brought incredible healing to the people. I am so thankful for our partnership with Dr. Nori Menendez, who worked so hard to organize these gatherings. And at the women’s event, a team of 16 women came from Puerto Rico to help us minister!

#4: It was a year of discipleship! My heart is so full as I see how the men and women I am discipling are growing and becoming leaders. A special highlight was listening to my spiritual son Paul Muzichuk preach at the men’s Bold Venture in November. He brought a powerful word about how to respond when pastors or leaders hurt you. At our women’s Bold Venture in Atlanta, my daughter Margaret brought a stirring message about fighting injustice. I can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to see your spiritual sons and daughters emerging! I spent a lot of my time counseling, coaching and mentoring younger leaders in 2018—but it is the greatest investment I can make!

#5: God provided in supernatural ways! As you know, this is not a big ministry. We are still working hard to raise the funds to complete our shelters in Peru and Guatemala and our girls’ home in India. But the Lord has been so good to us. At our men’s Bold Venture in November, and anonymous brother gave $5,000 to cover the costs of the event. And the next week one of my spiritual sons, Alex Ankudovich, gave us the first donation from the profits of his kitchen remodeling business to help build a women’s shelter (below). We are so grateful that where the Lord guides, He provides!

Beyond all this, in July I celebrated my 60th birthday surrounded by my best friends and spiritual sons. We had a Bold Venture men’s retreat in my hometown of LaGrange, Georgia, and some of them stayed afterwards to celebrate with me. It was especially meaningful to have my mentor, Barry St. Clair, as a speaker at that event—and he stayed two days after to celebrate with me and the other guys. I am so grateful that I am not alone in this ministry. I have so many people to stand with me and support me.

2018 was indeed a packed year. I traveled to 11 nations, and I also preached in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Tennessee. I only got sick once (food poisoning in El Salvador!) and I never had any airplane emergencies. I also slept in 62 beds! I think that is my record for a year. While I have reached the 60 milestone, I feel much younger—and the Lord has given me a lot of energy! (A new exercise and food plan has helped a lot!)

Thank you for believing in this ministry. Thank you for all you have done to encourage us, pray for us and support us financially when possible. If you are able, please consider sending an end-of-the year gift to help us reach our 2019 goals. All gifts made online by today (or checks dated Dec. 31) will count toward your 2018 giving, for tax purposes.

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We appreciate your commitment to us.

Lee and Deborah Grady

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