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Praise Reports and Prayer Requests / June 15, 2018

Dear Friends of the Mordecai Project:

I know the Lord has done some special miracles over the years through this ministry. But something happened recently that seems to outshine anything we have seen. I must share it with you because you have prayed for us!

As you know I went to Central Asia in March with a team of four Russian-speaking men from the United States. We did meetings for men, women and pastors—and I directly confronted the awful tradition of “bride stealing” there. This horrible practice has been tolerated and even celebrated for centuries, even though women suffer untold abuse and degradation by being kidnapped and raped on their forced “wedding night.” Below you can see a scene from our women’s event in one of the cities. Many women in this country have been forced into marriages they did not choose.

In the pastor’s conference a few days after the women’s retreat, I asked my friend Ulan and two other men to kneel and repent on behalf of the men of that nation for the mistreatment of women (see photo below). A holy hush came over that place as they prayed, and there was a sense that God shifted something in the heavens. I remember thinking to myself, in that moment, “This is why I am here.”

God’s answer came many weeks later, in response to a tragedy. Contacts in the country told Ulan that there was a horrific incident of abuse in that country. A woman who had been kidnapped called the police and she was taken to the station with her attacker (oftentimes the police do not even respond to calls from women like this.) Her abductor suddenly pulled out a knife in the police station and killed the woman on the spot. As a result of the violence, the incident was reported and suddenly a national outcry ensued. Ulan told me: “It is as if the nation woke up from a dream!” Then, just last week, a man attempted to kidnap a woman in the streets of the city, and people standing nearby rose up and defended her. Her assailant was arrested. Now there have been public protests of violence against women.

Ulan says: “After our prayers of repentance and contrition, something happened in the spiritual world. Now the veil of lawlessness and violence has been lifted. Thank you for your service to our people.”

This is the heart of the mission of The Mordecai Project—to see nations changed by the power of God. Thank you for believing in us, praying for us and standing with us!

Other Exciting News

Last week I spent three days in Jacksonville, Florida, recording my teachings on video. We will be releasing a 10-session series called “Empowered” for women, and another 10-session series called “Ignite” on the Holy Spirit. The Lord really helped me during the recording sessions to cover all the points, and now they are being edited. You can see me in the studio below. I am so grateful to my friend Josiah Bailes, a talented, young videographer who is handling this project. We will be posting the videos on YouTube for free so that as many people as possible can benefit from the teachings. I am especially grateful that we can reach many people overseas with these messages, and we are already talking about translating them into other languages.

While I was in Jacksonville I got the opportunity to share with growing staff of The Springs Church, pastored by John Bailey (below). This is the congregation where my assistant, Paul Muzichuk, and his family are serving. I also spoke at a special men’s event the church hosted—and God touched a lot of guys. Some men were filled with the Holy Spirit and others were challenged in the area of personal purity. I am grateful for Pastor Bailey and the impact this church is having in the wider Jacksonville area.

Last weekend my wife and I traveled to Crossville, Tennessee, where I performed the wedding of a guy I have been mentoring, Dario Perez. He is originally from Mexico, but he fell in love with a sweet girl, Abigail, from Cumberland Worship Center where I have preached many times. It was a glorious day!

On the Sunday after the wedding I preached at Cumberland Worship Center and many people were challenged to go deeper in God’s river. The altars were full and prophetic words flowed. It was so special for Deborah and me to spend time with Chris and Desirae Palmer, who are pastoring that great church.

Please be in prayer for my mother, Jean Grady. You all know that I lost my father in January, and it has not been easy for my mom. She misses him a lot and does not want to stay in her home alone. So after we celebrated her 90th birthday at my house on May 28 (see below), I moved her this week to an assisted living facility in my town of LaGrange. Her apartment is only 10 minutes from my home, and we see her every day when I am in town. She has several friends from her church there, so she can enjoy the fellowship. She has also given up driving!

Thanks for all your prayers and support. This has not been an easy season. It seems that spiritual warfare has been heightened recently. Yet we know that a breakthrough is coming. Please continue to agree with us for the following:

** $7,500 needed for our Bold Venture events (this is to get the matching $10,000 that has been offered by a donor).
** Remaining funds needed to finish our women’s shelters in Peru and Guatemala.
** I have upcoming overseas trips to Colombia and Peru over the next two months.
** Success and strong participation in our upcoming Bold Venture men’s retreat in LaGrange, Georgia, July 12-14.

Thank you again for your partnership. We are indebted to all of you. Please let us know if there is anything we can agree with you about in prayer.

Lee and Deborah Grady

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