• LOCATION: Kagoma, Uganda
  • PROJECT: Girls’ School and Dormitory
  • DIRECTOR: Pastor Paul Wandera
  • FINANCIAL GOAL: $24,000 Girl’s dormitory
$16,000 Women’s empowerment center

In a nation where girls are often denied education or pulled from school for economic reasons, we are working to keep girls in Kagoma in the classroom so they can become productive members of society. We are working with Pastor Paul Wandera to build a school and dormitory for girls from kindergarten to senior grades.

We have already been sending funds to support underprivileged women, and we started an ongoing project planting corn to feed the women’s families. We now need to build a girls’ dormitory to protect at-risk girls and keep them in school. We also need to build a women’s empowerment center to train women in tailoring, farming and other skills so they can feed their families.