• LOCATION: Lilongwe, Malawi
  • PROJECT: Girls’ Sponsorship Program
  • DIRECTOR: Pastors David and Fanny Injeidi
  • FINANCIAL NEED: $20,000 Girl’s hostel
$3,900 School fees
$2,500 Tailoring school supplies

In Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa, schools lack funding, and many parents cannot afford to pay minimal fees to send all of their children. The result is that most families educate the boys but not the girls. As a result, girls are encouraged to marry early—even as young as 13—and they start having babies at the age they should be learning eighth-grade history or ninth-grade geometry.

We want to change this by helping girls in the city of Lilongwe go to school and stay in school. We also want to provide for them the school supplies, books, and feminine hygiene supplies they need so that lack of money is not a reason to drop out. Our project is being headed by Pastors David and Fanny Injeidi, who lead a dynamic church in Lilongwe.

We are helping girls get educated in a culture where families often pull girls out of school for financial reasons. We are providing scholarships for underprivileged girls, and we want to expand our entrepreneurial training program to give disadvantaged women training in tailoring. We also plan to build a girl’s hostel to keep the girls in school and protected from abuse.