• LOCATION: Mzuzu, Malawi
  • PROJECT: Women’s Shelter and Girls’ Rescue Center
  • DIRECTOR: Pastors Tony and Charity Mkamanga
  • FINANCIAL NEED: $25,000 for construction

In northern Malawi, ancient African traditions still control village life. Some men have been raised to believe that if they rape a 14-year-old girl, they will become prosperous. In addition, some men are told by witchdoctors that they can be cured of the AIDS virus if they have sex with a virgin. As a result, many young girls are mercilessly abused by older men—and sometimes infected. This horrifying practice is accepted in many areas of northern Malawi.

We believe Christians have a responsibility to step into this injustice and bring the protection and healing of Jesus. We plan to build a shelter for young victims, as well as a counseling ministry to help women overcome the emotional wounds of rape and abuse. The pain is great, but Jesus Christ is the source of healing! The shelter will be based on the property of a church led by Tony and Charity Mkamanga, who became partners of The Mordecai Project in 2016.