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Colombian Men Repent for Abuse

On March 8, 2015, which was International Women’s Day, The Mordecai Project sponsored a march through the streets of downtown Barranquilla, Colombia, to help raise awareness of the problem of domestic violence and to offer a spiritual solution. The “No Más Violencia!” rally drew more than 500 people and culminated at the Plaza de la Paz, in front of the city’s main cathedral.

After a time of worship, the men in the audience went to the stage area and knelt to pray. Several pastors from the city offered heartfelt prayers of repentance on behalf of the men of Colombia, and they asked God to forgive them for the way women have been treated in the nation. Women were visibly moved because they had never seen men apologize for the mistreatment and abuse of women. We believe the spiritual stronghold of machismo is coming down–and that a new era of healing has begun for the battered and brutalized women of Colombia.

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