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From Lee Grady / Praise Report! / January 13, 2022

Two years ago this month I was on a trip to El Salvador, and I had no idea all international travel would abruptly stop in March 2020....

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Help The Mordecai Project in Malawi! / Oct. 12, 2021

I made my first trip to the tiny nation of Malawi, in southern Africa, in 2013. On my second visit, in 2016, I met the couple Tony and Charity Mkamanga, who pastor a Pentecostal church in the northern city of Mzuzu. I knew God was connecting me with them, so…...

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From Lee Grady / Praise Reports and Prayer Requests / September 29, 2021

Reading the psalms carefully like this has reminded me of the importance of being thankful every moment for all of God’s benefits....

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