Let's end the pain
and heal the nations

The Mordecai Project is an extension of Bold Venture Ministries, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
Your contribution is tax-deductible as allowed by law in the United States.

How to Support The Mordecai Project

Let's stop the global oppression of women


We cannot stop the global epidemic of violence against women without the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Please help us by praying for our work. Our regular newsletter will help you know how to pray.


We need resources to take Christ’s healing the the world. Your tangible gifts, no matter how small, will help us provide staff, counseling, meals, housing and protection to women and girls who are suffering from abuse.


Oftentimes we take short-term teams into nations where women need the healing power of Christ. We also do special events to help men understand how to treat women with dignity. God may want you to join our team.


This vision is much bigger than our ministry. We need the entire body of Christ to get involved. If we can help your church or ministry address the issue of gender-based violence, please contact us. Let’s stop abuse together!


Confront the global oppression of women. This is one of the most unspoken topics all over the world. Women are hurting and even dying in domestic violence.


Empower women to discover their God-given spiritual gifts and ministries. The world suffers in many ways simply because women's gifts are hidden or not yet discovered.


Equip Christian men, including church leaders, to recognize, value, protect and train women to calling and talents.

Our Ongoing Projects

Every Nation Matters, Every Heart is Precious

Native American Women Outreach

The Mordecai Project is currently helping some struggling Native women, mostly of the Navajo tribe, who live in New Mexico. Native women suffer from some of the highest rates of domestic…...

Girls’ Sponsorship Project / Moi’s Bridge, Kenya

We believe Christians must work to end female genital mutilation, or FGM, once and for all. We can do this through education programs and by providing safe houses for girls…...

Women’s Counseling Center / Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Mordecai Project is partnering with the Dinesh’s church in Colombo to build a counseling center where women can find healing and practical solutions to rebuild their lives and protect…...

Girls’ Sponsorship Program / Lilongwe, Malawi

A sponsorship program for young girls in the city of Lilongwe to go to school and stay in school. Many families can't afford and don't prioritize education for their daughters…...

Women’s Shelter and Girls’ Rescue Center / Mzuzu, Malawi

A shelter that will be based on the property of a church led by Tony and Charity Mkamanga, this rescue center is aimed to bring the protection and healing of…...

Girls’ Home and Sponsorship Program / Rwentobo, Uganda

Rev. Medad Birungi and his wife, have been working for years to lift girls out of that vulnerable place. We partnered to lift girls out of poverty and give them…...

Women’s Shelter / Masindi, Uganda

The shelter will give a place to transition from abusive environments, and serve as a place for healing and restoration for women and children who have been traumatized....

Mordecai’s House Home for Girls / India

In 2016 we purchased land for a new home for the girls at Mordecai’s House, and we are currently in the construction phase. Our dream is to help more girls…...

Women’s Counseling Center / Barranquilla, Colómbia

A counseling office where we are helping victims of abuse through emotional support, therapy and discipleship programs; by providing shelter; and by offering legal assistance....

Casa de Emanuel Women’s Shelter / Perú

The shelter, to be called Casa de Emanuel, should be completed in 2018. A group of women from Iglesia Esmirna have already been trained to help minister to victims....

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