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Please Pray for My Upcoming Trip! / April 29, 2019

Dear Friends of the Mordecai Project:

I have been very aware in recent days that I am engaged in a spiritual war, and I cannot be effective as a soldier if there is not an “air force” of intercessors covering me in prayer while I fight on the ground. My heart is full of gratitude for all the people who have “adopted” The Mordecai Project into their hearts. Thank you for praying, giving and caring for us.

The last several weeks have been very fruitful. I ministered in South Dakota, Ohio, Texas and Georgia—and the Lord has done marvelous things. But I am now preparing to go on several strategic overseas trips beginning this week. Please read the details below and pray accordingly.

First I want to rejoice over what God did when I spoke at a Holy Spirit conference at Sioux Falls First Assembly. My friend Quentin Beard (in the center of the photo below) pastors this wonderful church. Also in the photo is my friend Doyle Piper who traveled with me on this trip. Quentin and his wife, Dianne, are doing a great job leading this church into a new season of growth and impact on the community.

I asked Quentin when I arrived in Sioux Falls if we could have a large bottle of anointing oil sitting on the altar during the conference. I didn’t want just a small vial, because I was making a point that the American church today needs a huge infilling of the Spirit. So I ended up with a giant bottle of oil that we used to pray for people in all five meetings.

During the weekend many people were filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time, and others received deep prophetic encouragement. The Lord also gave the church some clear prophetic strategy, and I had a chance to pray for all the church staff at a special leaders’ meeting. In the photo below you can see evidence of the spiritual hunger that was obvious.

In April I also spoke at Tabernacle of Praise, the congregation in Crestline, Ohio, pastored by my friend Josh Cole (in the photo below, to the right). I ministered to the staff and volunteers on a Saturday, teaching principles of discipleship, and then I led a Sunday service. Josh’s father, Michael Cole (left), has been a close friend since I met him at Christ for the Nations in 2009. Michael recently turned to church over to his son to pastor.

Also this month I spoke at Faith Point Church in Killeen, Texas, a church pastored by my friend Scott Hoxworth. Again the Lord moved in a powerful way to bring people into a deeper experience with the Holy Spirit. I love watching how the Spirit is moving through the word of knowledge to bring physical and emotional healing.

I had a very special experience the Wednesday before Easter. My oldest grandson, Grady, who was adopted from Ethiopia, took his first ministry trip with me when I spoke at Good News Church in Augusta, Georgia. Grady is only seven but he has a precious heart for God, and he sat on the front row in the meeting and watched intently. After it was over he told me: “Granddaddy, I loved the way you laid hands on the people when you prayed for them. That was good thinking!” I hope one day I can take Grady on an overseas ministry trip.

I am asking for special prayer as I begin my journey to Singapore on Tuesday, April 30. I will be speaking in seven different churches while I am in the “Lion City,” where many different cultures and religious groups share a very crowded space. Please pray for me as I bring messages about the Holy Spirit, discipleship and the liberation of women.

My host during the 12-day trip is Peter Sam and his wife, who lead the Indonesian congregation of the massive Cornerstone Church in Singapore. I met Peter during my first trip there, and he and I have worked together ever since. I will also be speaking at Cornerstone’s Telegu congregation (this is a language of India). Singapore is a melting pot of Asian ethic groups, but they all need the love of Jesus Christ. Please pray for a special anointing on me as I minister there.

I will also be at Rock of Ages Church, a relatively new congregation pastored by the man below, Leslie Chua. He has asked me to teach on the Holy Spirit. People are hungry for more of the Spirit’s power in Singapore. People there are well educated and they have plenty of money, yet they realize that these earthly things do not bring the fullness of God’s anointing. Please pray for an outpouring of power, healing and prophetic insight.

I will also be with the congregation below, Jesus Lives Church, pastored by my friend Jonathan Suppoya. This is a predominantly Indian congregation, and they are hungry for the message on relational discipleship. Oftentimes leaders in Asia lead churches like companies, and they need impartation on healthy relationships. This will be my focus during many of these meetings.

While I am in Singapore, I am also trusting God to allow me to meet some potential donors who can fund our overseas projects. Please agree with me for this! We only need about $300,000 to launch and complete all the Phase One projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Perhaps even one person could give that much? With God all things are possible!

Please continue to agree with us for the following:

** Please pray that my mother remain stable while I am on this trip. Her mobility has been deteriorating. She will turn 91 in May!
** Please pray for our friends in Sri Lanka, Mich and Kayla Dinesh, who will be leading our project in Colombo. Christians have been struggling so much in Sri Lanka since the Easter terrorist bombings.
** Please pray for clear direction for our daughter Margaret and son-in-law Rick as they make important decisions about their ministry.

Deborah and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary! It seems impossible. I would not be able to do this work without Deborah’s faithful support, counsel and love.

Thank you again for your partnership. We are indebted to all of you. Please let us know if there is anything we can agree with you about in prayer.

Lee and Deborah Grady

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