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From Lee Grady / Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

Dear Friends of the Mordecai Project:

This fall I’ve buried myself in Psalms, and I’m using Charles Spurgeon’s classic commentary on Psalms, “The Treasury of David,” to squeeze more revelation out of the text. I recommend this resource if you’ve never used it. Reading the psalms carefully like this has reminded me of the importance of being thankful every moment for all of God’s benefits. I’ve started keeping a daily log of God’s blessings—and I’m realizing how many blessings I’ve overlooked because I wasn’t careful to thank Him in the moment. Today I’m so thankful for you for your prayers and support!

Last week our Mordecai Project directors in Lilongwe, Malawi—David and Fanny Injaidi—officially launched our Skills Training initiative there. This project is designed to keep girls in school by providing scholarships, and to train many girls and underprivileged women so they can start businesses. We began by teaching the women sewing skills as well as how to make frozen drinks using a special “freeze” maker. Below you can see one of the women using one of the sewing machines we purchased last month.

Below you can see a woman learning how to use the freeze maker. These frozen drinks will be very popular on the streets of Lilongwe, where it is very hot. Thank you for investing in this project. You may be tempted to think that a small gift doesn’t make a big difference, but that is not true in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa

We recently invested funds in our new El Salvador project, which is under the direction of Pastor Maribel de la Rosa in the capital city of San Salvador. I’ve known Maribel since my earliest trips to El Salvador, and she is a brave pioneer who wants to stop the systematic abuse of women in her country. With the funds we gave her in July, she has been conducting empowerment classes in Santa Ana and other cities in El Salvador. Below you can see some of the women gathered for discipleship and prayer recently. Maribel is helping these women overcome the pain of abuse and to apply their faith to social problems. Their goal is to make sure every woman in El Salvador finds the freedom and healing of Jesus

I began my journey with Jesus as a child in a Southern Baptist church. In September, the pastor of First Baptist Church in LaGrange asked me to preach all three services at his church. This was my parents’ church for many years, and when Deborah and I moved to LaGrange in 2016 they gave me a free office in their building. I am thankful that the members of FBC believe in our work. The Lord blessed that morning when I preached, and I am grateful that Pastor Cade Farris is so open to the Holy Spirit.

In early September I went to Gainesville, Florida, to speak at a special prophetic meeting at Victory Church of Gainesville—pastored by my friends Bill and Rebekah DeConna. I have known Bill since I was 21 years old, when we were roommates right after college. So it was a very special reunion. To make it more special, we got to meet with Bob and Rose Weiner (below, in the middle). Bob and Rose were the founders of Maranatha Campus Ministries, where I served for several years when I was in my 20s in Gainesville. Bob and Rose instilled in me a vision to reach the world for Jesus, so it was a blessing to spend some time with them while I was preaching in Gainesville.

Also in September I traveled to Newark, New Jersey, to speak at a Hispanic church led by the couple in the photo below, Abe and Flor Rolon. Originally from Puerto Rico, Abe and Flor have been reading my articles for years and they wanted me to speak at their church’s eighth anniversary. Even though I just met this couple, it felt like I have known them for years! We definitely hope to work together again.

The following week I preached at Faith Chapel, a growing church in Syracuse, New York. I met Pastor Jim and Kelly Tuttle several years ago when I was teaching at Randy Clark’s ministry school in Pennsylvania. Then I met their son, Judah, when he attended the school. It was a great blessing to come alongside and help them. And it was so encouraging to see that God is moving in upstate New York!

While in Syracuse I did several meetings, including a men’s breakfast on a Saturday morning. I assumed everyone at that breakfast was a Christian, but after I spoke a man named John came up to me and asked me some questions. As his eyes began to moisten I realized the Holy Spirit was drawing him to Jesus. When I began to talk to him about God’s forgiveness, he fell into my arms and began to sob. John gave his heart to Jesus that day. Then I found out that his two brothers attend the church, and they have been praying for him for 30 years to get saved! That moment was definitely worth the whole trip to Syracuse!

Last week I traveled to Alpena, Michigan, to preach at New Life Christian Fellowship. This was one of the last churches I visited before the pandemic in early 2020—and they wanted me back when restrictions were lifted in Michigan. We had a glorious time together. I preached eight times, including four sessions at an all-day men’s event. Below you can see me with Daniel, Cliff, Luke, Ande and Brent—some of the guys I got to know there. There was so much hunger in this church! Many people were filled with the Spirit and many received prophetic ministry.

The guy in the photo below, Ande Fisher, is a high school senior who wanted to spend some time with me while I was in Alpena. He has a strong calling on his life. While I was eating lunch with him in a restaurant, a lady near us overheard our conversation and asked more about us. It turns out she and her husband had just moved to Alpena a week earlier, and they had not yet found a church. They ended up coming to church on Sunday, and the woman received special ministry that morning at the altar. I am so blessed that the Lord directs our steps and connects us with the people we need to meet!

Also in August, we were building our new sewing center in Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Special thanks to Pastor Udjasiri Wakahasha, who is overseeing this project.On Sunday morning at the Alpena church, I closed my message by praying over the congregation. As I prayed, I had a word of knowledge for someone in the congregation who was struggling with an addiction. Right after I said this a young man came to the altar in tears. It turns out he had never been to the church before. He and a friend had just moved to the area, and they were so desperate for some hope that they Googled “church” and ended up at New Life Fellowship. This young man and his friend gave their hearts to Jesus that morning, and they are now being discipled. I am beginning to see more of this kind of response these days. I truly believe the darkness of the pandemic has pushed people to a place of spiritual desperation. Lord, may we be ready for the harvest!

My schedule in October is very full. Please pray for the following events:

** This weekend I’m leading our men’s Bold Venture at a camp near Mobile, Alabama. We have 170 men registered, a full-capacity crowd. Please pray that the Lord will mark these men forever as they gather together for a time of vulnerability and close fellowship. I want the Holy Spirit to change every man permanently!

** In October I’ll also be doing events in Chicago (Oct. 9-10), Detroit, Michigan (Oct. 15-17) and Crossville, Tennessee (Oct. 22-24). Please pray for safety, strong anointing and divine connections.

** Please also pray that the Lord will continue to provide financial provision for our women’s projects all over the world. The needs are huge but we know the Lord is going to bless us with more than enough to complete the task. We especially need your help to purchase sewing machines for our new project in Congo (see below). Just a gift of $100 will provide a new foot-powered sewing machine. The new sewing center will be constructed in just a few more weeks!

We love you and thank God for your financial support. We could not do this without your partnership. To give to our overseas work, just hit the “Donate” button below and follow the prompts. To give by check, mail it to The Mordecai Project, P.O. Box 2781, LaGrange, GA 30241.

Lee and Deborah Grady

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