• LOCATION: Tarapoto, Peru
  • PROJECT: Casa de Emanuel Women’s Shelter
  • DIRECTOR: Pastors David and Teresa Gomez
  • FINANCIAL NEED: $35,000 to complete construction

When someone reports an incident of domestic violence in Tarapoto, Peru, the policeman may ask the caller, “Is there blood?” Unless there is blood, the abuse is not considered serious enough to merit a response! This is why we felt it was important to build a shelter for women in this growing city.

The shelter, to be called Casa de Emanuel, should be completed in 2022. A group of women from Iglesia Esmirna (Smyrna Church) have already been trained to help minister to victims. We have the support of the local mayor, as well as help from a Christian lawyer who cares deeply about victims of abuse. And David and Teresa Gomez, pastors of Iglesia Esmirna, are ready to demonstrate the love of Christ to women who need emotional healing and practical help.