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Prayer Requests from Lee Grady / The Mordecai Project / September 11, 2019

Dear Friends of the Mordecai Project:

The apostle Paul’s epistle to the Philippians is basically a thank you letter. He was grateful for their concern, their generosity and their “participation in the gospel” (Phil. 1:5). I feel the same way. When you pray for me, or donate to our work, you are in full participation with what we are doing. And I pray you will experience the full reward for it!

Paul told the Philippians: “Not that I see the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account” (4:17). I know that God will bless you when you bless us!

This has been a difficult month for us. Below you can see me with my mother, Jean. She got a urinary infection in early September and stopped eating for a time. Last week, while my sister was visiting from Tennessee, we put her in hospice care so that can be kept as comfortable as possible. My heart is prepared for her to step into the arms of the Savior, and we are praying that she can pass as peacefully as possible. I don’t enjoy seeing her in this weak and confused state.

In August I hosted a special three-day discipleship retreat for some of the young guys I am mentoring. It was a glorious time of teaching, fellowship, food and prayer. We also took a hike on Pine Mountain, at a state park near my house. The entire weekend was focused on Paul’s leadership lessons in 2 Timothy. The guys came from nine states and one foreign country. They were so encouraged!

After each teaching session at the retreat we had a “hot seat” for prayer. Each guy was prayed for and received prophetic ministry. My greatest fulfillment these days is found in investing my life in the next generation. Below you can see Antione Ashley, a young pastor from Florida, praying for Thom Moore, who came to the retreat from Iowa.

The fellowship we had during the retreat was so special, as you can see from the prayer circle below. Some of the young men did not know each other before, but they left with many new friends to support them in their spiritual journey. They also left knowing that God is calling them to be leaders in this next season of the church. The younger generation must step up!

This guy came all the way from Singapore to attend this retreat. I met Alberto Piovazini two years ago when he came to the altar for prayer at a special men’s event in Singapore. He is originally from Brazil, but he works as a business manager for a company in Singapore. I have been mentoring Alberto since then, and today he is discipling other young men there. It has been so encouraging to watch him grow spiritually. Now we are planning a spiritual retreat that will happen in Singapore soon.

Also in August I went to Detroit, Michigan to speak at a church pastored by my friend Ray Bucciarelli (below). Ray is a bi-vocational pastor who also serves as a policeman. I did a special women’s event with him and his wife, Kathy, and also I did two special prophetic training sessions as well as a Sunday morning service.

God moved powerfully during that weekend in Detroit, and I loved seeing the way the women responded as the Holy Spirit came to heal those who have suffered abuse and trauma. The Lord is truly healing His daughters today so they can arise to be preachers, mentors, leaders and healers.

In early September, Deborah and I were blessed to attend a JoySprings retreat. It was a chance to gather the members of The Mordecai Project board for a time of prayer and spiritual refreshing. We held it in the mountains of north Georgia, and it was sponsored by my friends Bane and Barbara James. During the retreat the Lord really encouraged me with promises that His provision is coming for our overseas projects.

Here are some special prayer requests:

** I will be hosting our men’s Bold Venture from Sept. 26-28 in Pittsburgh, and then we will have our women’s Bold Venture event in Deland, Florida from Oct. 24-26. If you would like to join us, please register at Please pray that the right men and women will be at these retreats and that the Lord will release His encouragement there.

** On the Saturday of the men’s Bold Venture, one of my sons in the Lord, Alex Ankudovich, is sponsoring a “Freedom Run” in Philadelphia to help raise money to build our women’s shelter in Peru. Families will be showing up at a park to run and cycle. All donations will go to The Mordecai Project. Please pray that this event will put us over the top to complete construction on Casa de Emanuel.

** Please pray for the construction of the girls’ home in India. You can see below that progress is being made. We waited a long time for permits but the foundations are laid now for Mordecai’s House!

** I will be preaching at New Life Church in Port Orange, Florida, on Sept. 15 (Pastor Stephen Johnson). Then I will be at Freedom House Church in Amherst, Ohio, Sept. 22 (Pastor Jason Jackson). Please pray for a strong anointing on both of these weekend events.

** Please also agree with us in prayer for my mother. She has lost mobility, and her mental state has deteriorated a lot since her fall in May.

Many of you know that we opened our women’s empowerment center in Masindi, Uganda, earlier this year. We bought land and began a pig farm, beekeeping business and sewing center so that women can learn to start their own businesses. Well, the pig business is booming and one of our piglets escaped from the nursery because we do not have a fence around it! (The escapee was captured, as you can see in the photo below.)

Last week we sent funds to build a fence around the entire property and to erect a water tank on the property. If you would like to help us with those expenses, we need $580.

Thank you again for praying for our work around the world. If you’d like to give to our work click on the “Donate” button below to give online, or mail your check to The Mordecai Project, P.O. Box 2781, LaGrange, GA 30241. All gifts are tax-deductible.

We appreciate your commitment to us. And we love you so much!

Lee and Deborah Grady

The Mordecai Project
P.O. Box 2781
LaGrange, GA 30241


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