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Prayer Requests from The Mordecai Project / August 1, 2017

Dear Friends of the Mordecai Project:

The apostle Paul often ended his epistles with the same words: “Brethren , pray for us” (1 Thess. 5:25; see also Eph. 6:19 and 2 Thess. 3:1).

Paul depended on the prayers of the saints because he knew it was only by God’s power that he could fulfill his mission. I am more aware of this every day. Please pray for me and The Mordecai Project. I cannot do this without you!

I recently returned from a two-week trip to Asia. God poured out His Spirit in powerful ways throughout the journey. The trip began when I joined Rev. Naomi Dowdy (below) in Kota-Kinabalu, Malaysia, to speak at a conference hosted by Skyline Church, a large Chinese congregation. It was an honor to work alongside Naomi. I have often used her life as an example when I preach to women about being empowered for ministry. Naomi pioneered the 8,000-member Trinity Christian Center in Singapore, and today she has an apostolic ministry all over the world.


I was joined in Malaysia by several Timothys who wanted to get some mentoring on the front lines. In the photo below you can see Clem from Australia, Abraham and Alvin from Indonesia and Ben from the local church there in Malaysia. It was a blessing to minister to these young men while I was preaching in the conference.

I met Clem Lo (below) at the Global School of Supernatural ministry in Pennsylvania five years ago. He is a medical doctor with a passion for divine healing. Clem prayed for people at the altars during my trip and saw many miracles.

The church in Kota-Kinabalu continues to grow, and I prophesied over many people and gave a word to the church. But the greatest miracle of all is conversions. Below you can see two Chinese women who gave their lives to Christ in one of the Sunday services at Skyline. They only spoke Chinese but the man in the photo translated the sinner’s prayer and they were so eager to get saved!

After leaving Malaysia, Clem and I flew to Singapore for a week of ministry hosted by Cornerstone Church. I have been with this wonderful church twice before. After speaking to their 60 staff I did a large men’s event called Mandate. Men in Singapore are not encouraged to be transparent about their feelings or problems. The culture encourages them to hide behind a mask. So I confronted this attitude and called the men to be gut-level honest about sexual sin and shameful habits. I even shared my own testimony of healing from sexual abuse. When I finished the message, the men streamed to the altar. There were too many men to even begin to pray for, so I asked them to turn to one another and pray for each other. God moved powerfully in that moment! It was worth the entire trip to see the tears streaming down their faces.

A movement has begun recently among men in Singapore. A group of fathers have been gathering from many churches to pray for a healing among young people. They have also been repenting for the way fathers have failed their children. I was invited to address this group. I shared about how men can be healed from father wounds, and then many men came to the altar for prayer. They were from many different denominations!

Cornerstone Church not only has its main services in English but many ethnic congregations. During the weekend I also spoke at an Indian service as well as an Indonesian service. The Holy Spirit gave me a special word for each situation and He moved powerfully. Below you can see a group of men leading worship at the Telegu service. This is a language spoken in southern India. I felt very much at home because our Mordecai Project girls’ home is in southern India and our girls speak Telegu.

The Indian congregation is mostly made of men because so many laborers come from India to work in Singapore’s shipyards. But the Indonesian congregation is mostly made of women who come to Singapore to be domestic servants. I gave a message that day about the spirit of adoption. The women were profoundly impacted, and they streamed to the altar to be healed from father wounds, abandonment, and abuse. Below you can see some of the women basking in the Lord’s presence during that moment.

The leaders of Cornerstone’s Indonesian congregation are Peter and Alvina Sam. I met Peter on my first trip to Singapore and we have become very close friends. I was able to encourage him and Alvina in their work, which is growing today. They have already packed out the auditorium they rent!

Below you can see me with five of Peter’s top leaders. All these Indonesian women feel called to ministry, and they are stepping out in evangelism and pastoral leadership. I prayed over them as a group and God showed me they are like the five daughters of Zelophehad from Numbers 27. They are taking territory for Jesus!

I was so blessed that one of my spiritual sons from India, Hani Anil (below), joined me and Clem on the trip to Singapore. He flew all the way from India to get some additional mentoring during that week. We had a great time together and he went back very encouraged. He will be working with us in our India project.

A few days after I returned home from Asia, I went to Orlando, Florida, to be a part of the General Conference of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC). This is the group I am ordained with. One of the speakers at the event was author Beth Moore, and I got to spend a few moments with her before she preached. It was a great honor. Years ago I gave Beth a copy of my book “10 Lies the Church Tells Women,” and I still keep a hand-written note Beth wrote thanking me for that book.

On the closing night of the IPHC conference I was able to share a prophetic word with the leaders of the denomination, just after Bishop Doug Beacham spoke. I am grateful for the accountability and encouragement I receive from my affiliation with Bishop Beacham and the rest of my IPHC family.

Thanks so much for continuing to pray for me and Deborah as we seek to bring Christ’s healing to women and girls who suffer from gender-based violence. We need your prayers and your support. Please keep these requests in mind:

** I will leave this week for Reykjavik, Iceland, where I am doing a national conference with my friend Helgi Gudnason
** Pray that my father stays stable during my trip
** That God will continue to provide the funds we need for our overseas projects. I am asking the Lord for a release of kingdom finances.
** A donor has offered a $10,000 matching grant to help us raise the needed funds for our Bold Venture discipleship events this fall. This is such a blessing. If you want to give toward this, just mark “Matching Gift” on your check or in the online giving notation.
** We are asking God for an extra $1,000 to send our girls in India to buy schoolbooks and supplies. Please pray about this need and give as you feel led.

Deborah and I love you very much! Thank you for believing in this mission!

Lee and Deborah Grady

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