• LOCATION: Katwe, Uganda
  • PROJECT: Women’s Empowerment Center
  • DIRECTOR: Danis and Mari Lazaro
  • FINANCIAL GOAL: $4,300 Costs to renovate existing building
$4,000 Fees for tailoring classes and literacy program

Women in this salt-mining area of western Uganda are subjected to brutal domestic violence and abandonment. Now many women suffer as single mothers. A number of women in this community have resorted to earning a living by prostitution. Teenage girls are enticed by older men or boys of their age into sexual activities, resulting in pregnancies. Cultural beliefs subject women to a life of pain. Many are being forced into marriage by parents or guardians; women don’t have a say at all at home; whatever a woman can own belongs to a man, and a man can even sell it off without the woman’s consent. We are building a women’s empowerment center in Katwe to provide vocational training, counseling and other aid.