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The Mordecai Project / Look What God Has Done! / May 21, 2020

Dear Friends of the Mordecai Project:

Deborah and I hope you are staying safe and healthy during this crisis. My schedule is mostly canceled, but the Lord had been sending His ravens to provide for us. We never received a stimulus check from the government, but God has sent His own form of stimulus, so we are very grateful!

I’ve been buried in the Book of Acts this month as I prepare for Pentecost on May 31. The other day I was reading Acts 20:35, which quotes Jesus saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” These words don’t actually appear in the gospels—but they appear in the Book of Acts because the early disciples remembered Him saying this. Jesus’ words became important to the apostle Paul, who is a model of selfless giving. Generosity is a core value of God’s kingdom!

Our hearts have been burdened for our ministry partners around the world who are struggling in this pandemic. Even though there aren’t many cases of COVID-19 in African countries, governments there have been very strict about forcing people to stay in their homes. Many people are starving as a result. Last month we asked our supporters to help us send funds for food to these struggling communities. Below is a summary report of how we were able to help. Thank you for caring!

In the photo below you can see Pastor Elijah Wafula distributing food to people in Moi’s Bridge, Kenya, where we are building a girl’s dormitory and paying school fees for local girls. Your gifts last month helped us supply needy families with food staples that will last for a month.

Pastor Elijah was also able to preach the gospel to the people in nearby villages. Many of these people made first-time decisions for Christ. They received not only large bags of rice but also the bread of life!

Below you can see a needy Nigerian family receiving a supply of food from our ministry partner Kelechi Okengwu. With our donation, he was able to help many families in the areas near Umuahia, Nigeria. The widow in the center leads this family, but she has no work during the lockdown. Many widows like her are suffering. Kelechi also took food to needy people in the capital city of Lagos, where there are more cases of the virus.

Below you can see bags of food ready for distribution in Iringa, Tanzania. This is a church I preached in three years ago, hosted by Pastor Berrings Mlambya. He and his wife are building an outreach center to help abandoned women. The funds you sent purchased food for these women and their children.

Below you can see some of the women from the outreach center in Tanzania. The virus masks are hiding their faces, but I can assure you they are smiling. There was great joy in the house when news came of this food delivery. Women in Tanzania suffer a lot because unfaithful husbands leave their wives—and often the women have no marketable skills or education. We are praying that we can continue to fund this outreach so we can break this cycle of poverty.

Below you can see needy families in Mzuzu, Malawi, receiving their parcels of food. I can assure you that many prayers of thanksgiving have ascended to the Lord this past few weeks as these gifts were shared. In Malawi, people typically make $2 a day, on average, but that amount has declined during the pandemic. I believe this food distribution has literally saved lives.

I believe Africa’s women are one of God’s secret weapons. Below you can see women receiving the food at Tony and Charity Mkamanga’s church in Mzuzu. Many of these women are being discipled and trained in ministry. Our goal is to train them so they can heal the wounds of abuse that many women in that country have suffered from.

Our ministry directors in Pakistan have been helping to support a group of abandoned women there for the past year. During this lockdown the women are suffering because they cannot go out in the markets or come to work in our sewing center in Faisalibad. So we sent them the funds to purchase food parcels—enough for April and May. Thanks to one of our donors, we just received the money to feed them for the month of June!

Our ministry team in Tanuku, India, has also been reaching out to the nearby slum areas to help those who are suffering in this lockdown. Below you can see Prasanna, one of the young men on our team, giving out food parcels to needy families. The virus has been on the rise in India, so many people are fearful about the pandemic—and the poorest people are suffering the most.

Below you can see our ministry director Fanny Njaidi deliving food to a needy family in Lilongwe, Malawi. Fanny has been working to launch a ministry to abused girls there, and she has a passion to heal women’s hearts. When this pandemic is over, we hope to raise the funds to fully support this outreach. For now, we are just trying to keep the women fed. Thank you for helping us spread God’s love to so many during this crisis.

Even though my schedule has been canceled, I’ve been very busy because I’m doing a lot of virtual meetings. Below you can see the screenshot of a Zoom church service hosted by an Indian congregation in Singapore. I preached at this church in person a year ago, but this time I spoke to them from my study at home. They sang in the Telegu language and then my message was translated. I am so grateful for new technology that allows the gospel to spread faster than ever.

I have done various seminars and training meetings for Christians all over the world during the lockdown. Below you can see young Bible college students from Akure, Nigeria, during a recent event I spoke at. I did a discipleship conference in Sri Lanka, group mentoring sessions in Colombia, and many other virtual meetings—all from my home.

As you can see below, I finally got to go back on the road last weekend! Even though The Roads Church was still on lockdown, Pastor Chad Everett wanted me to come to train his leaders and to speak at their online service. Below you can see the leadership team of the church, located in Norris City, Illinois. We gathered last Saturday for a wonderful time of encouragement and prophetic ministry. And even though the seats were empty in the sanctuary on Sunday, the Holy Spirit moved as I preached on “Drawing Closer to God During a Time of Social Distancing.”

We hope to send a second wave of support to our overseas ministry partners so that food distribution can continue during the month of June. If your church is looking for a way to support missions during this pandemic, please consider adding The Mordecai Project to your list of charitable causes. Your gifts, small or large, will enable us to send bags of rice and other food staples to needy families in eight countries. If you want to help with this effort just write “Pandemic Relief Fund” on your gift. (Please send your donations as soon as possible, because we will transfer the funds to them in late May.)

Please continue to pray for us, and for the funds we need to finish our building projects in Guatemala, Peru and India. Thank you again for believing in this ministry. We are going to survive this crisis!

Lee and Deborah Grady

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