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Dear Friends:

When Deborah and I raised our four daughters we never worried that they might be denied education or a job. They all graduated from high school and college, and our oldest daughter attends law school now. We are so blessed in this nation. But girls face huge challenges in the countries where The Mordecai Project is working. Some parents keep their daughters out of school because public education is too costly. Others just figure that girls only need to learn how to cook and clean.

Below you can see some of the girls we are helping in Moi’s Bridge, Kenya. Some of these girls would have been denied an education and forced to marry at an early age. Others would have been forced by their parents or husbands to endure genital mutilation. But because of your support, these girls are attending Life Mission School. They are being discipled in their faith in a loving environment and getting prepared to be leaders. This is our mission!


Our projects for women and girls are developing daily. Below you can see the progress on our large women’s empowerment center in Masindi, Uganda. This is our most ambitious project ever. When completed, many women will receive vocational training in many different skills, including agriculture, tailoring, and literacy along with Christian discipleship. We urgently need $20,000 to install the roof on the building in the next month. Please pray with us for this need.

The secret to the success of our work is the relationships I’ve been able to make with trusted Christian leaders in many parts of the world. Below you can see my friends Isaac and Peggy Vilorio, who pastor a thriving church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I got to see them last month when I was speaking at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas. And I will be with them again in Honduras this fall, doing a citywide pastor’s training conference.

I spoke to the student body at Christ for the Nations while I was there to preach at a pastors’ event. It was one of my all-time favorite meetings ever! I preached a difficult message about sexual purity, and the response from the students was incredible. Some of the kids literally ran to the altar to repent, and some of them were sobbing out loud as God was healing them from shame and various forms of bondage. It was a heavenly outpouring of grace.

A few days later I spoke at two chapels at Emmanuel College in Georgia. The response was not quite as dramatic as the meeting in Dallas, but in the second chapel service many students were baptized in the Holy Spirit. There is a heightened spiritual hunger growing in the younger generation, and I am so excited to witness it with my own eyes! We need another Jesus revolution!

A few years ago I began mentoring a young Ukrainian guy named Igor Marach. Today he is the youth and young adult pastor for a growing Slavic church in New Jersey. Below you can see me with some of the young adult leaders on his team. I preached at Igor’s church in South River in April, and the Lord did some powerful things. My greatest joy is investing in this young generation.

Last week I traveled to Chicago to speak at a thriving Hispanic church on the west side of the city. Below you can see me with Enio and Brenda Bravatty, who lead Casa de Misericordia (“House of Mercy”). Originally from Guatemala, the Bravattys brought me to Chicago twice before to speak at a women’s conference. But now they have started an annual men’s event because they know that the best way to heal the hearts of women is to first heal the men who mistreat them.

We saw some wonderful spiritual breakthroughs at the men’s event. In the second session, twelve men gave their lives to Jesus! The altars were also crammed full after I did a message on sexual purity. God is cleaning up His church! Then on Sunday, I preached a message called, “Don’t Deconstruct Your Faith”—which was a challenge to hold onto God’s Word as our culture drifts away from it. There was a great response to the message. But several days later I learned that a young woman who had been living in rebellion decided to return to the Lord after she heard the sermon. She waited a while and counted the cost, but she finally surrendered!

Below you can see the spiritual passion of the men who attended the conference in Chicago. Many of the guys in this photo are from Guatemala. I am so grateful for the immigrants God has brought to our country. I believe the Lord will use them to help spark revival here!

Last year when I was in Congo, I met a young leader who is serious about discipling his generation. His name is Mwena Bertin, and he had attended some training seminars led by my mentor, Barry St. Clair. Mwena listened to my messages about healing and empowering women from abuse, and he began doing it too! Today he is doing meetings to help lift up Congolese women who have been marginalized. I hope to begin a project with Mwena soon, because so many women there need assistance.
Do you want the fire of the Holy Spirit to blaze in your life? I invite you to use my free devotional, “Rekindle the Flame,” as we approach the day of Pentecost, which is May 28. This is a 28-day study of the Book of Acts. If you begin it on May 1st you will finish it on the day of Pentecost. The study challenges you to read one chapter of Acts each day, and then read the short devotional and answer the study questions. You can do it individually or as a group.
Lee and Deborah Grady
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